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oh fuck yeah
wanna wanna suck suck

Anonymous asked: If on your tour you need to consume 300 loads a day you wont have time to personally service us all, just swallow for most. If a lad were to want more time- say, to fuck one of your holes, what could he do to make it work for you?

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yum! cum in my face! i earned it!

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iwalkalonelyroad40 asked: You should come to scranton, pa so i can fuck your ass and cum all over your pretty face!

Well, it turns out there IS a reason to go to Scranton! :p

fuck yeah take my ass :)

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oh. that dick. so wonderful. perfect! :)

oh, dick, i love you so much. <3

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yes please!!

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that&#8217;s a hot dick! :)
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I can’t stop craving this

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Email your anonymous submissions here

yum :)


beautiful xo :)


take my asssss plsss