I love it. I need it. I'm here.
Anonymous asked: “Only once have I had a girl really get excited about the challenge of blowing me. I need that passion again. When are you going to be in Georgia on your tour?”

Not sure, the tour is kind of falling apart logistically right now! But it does excite me! :)

kennyg9672 asked: “God I would love to just hold your head nice and still while I cum down your throat and watch the look on your face while my cock throbs and pumps in your mouth.”


classysuitomine-deactivated2014 asked: “Geez your blog is sexy, I've never been blown by someone I really believed wanted to do it, so the fantasy of having someone like you is incredible.”

what?? thats terrible! 

nice aim!

yousl3ss asked: “I need to release a couple loads on you;3”

i need it too! thank you! :)

slutpunishment asked: “You sound perfect ;)”

aw, thank you so much! you guys re the sweetest! :)

alwayshorny40 asked: “I wish i could shove my cock down your throat and blow my warm load deep down your throat”

so sweet! ty! :)

twicetheday asked: “running into your blog > not running into your blog”

so sweet :)

Anonymous asked: “with your new theme we can't read your captions :( they were my favorite part”

is it fixed now?? i didnt change it! i hope my mom didnt fuck with it :(

masturheaven asked: “Hello again dear cumslut <3333 how have you been? how much semen have you received recently? :)”

not enough! :)

Anonymous asked: “I'm a (fem)boy and I kind of want to learn how to properly give a blow job by you.. But since you can't do it in real life, do you have any tips for how I can be a good little slut and make them cum..?”

i mean…you’re on the Internet! what can i teach you?? i’d say, watch the teeth, if you think you can’t go deeper, yawn, and, um, it never hurts to cry

dubstepfuckin asked: “I just shot Cum all over myself looking on your blog 😍”

yay! thank you! i wish it was all over me! <3

jibvualt asked: “Think u could deep throat me, kinda big”

ys ys :)

badbitchesandbooties asked: “Still hungry?”

starving :)

slutpunishment asked: “What about having your whore cheeks cockslapped, your face spat on and your hair pulled, slut?”

um…i kinda like that stuff too :)