I love it. I need it. I'm here.

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i  love when guys just bounce my head on their dicks. i really do. its tough :)
i’ll take  it all though



Ohhhhhhhhhhhh how you do adore the first tear drops. When they come, your cock jumps and pulses in my mouth.
I particularly love when you say, “Here, baby, don’t cry. Let me dry your eyes.” as you rub your dick into my sockets, smearing my makeup and coating your fuck stick in my salty drops. Then back in the mouth, even further back as the face fucking continues.

 wow, yes, please! sir!

Don’t waste time with cock suckers who don’t take pride in their work.

truth! <3
take my ass and pull my hair. please :)

very hot! still, though, if I had that many guys to cum for me, I’d want them to miss my mouth a little more. I’d clean it up, don’t worry!! :p

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holy fuck. i would WORK that cock!!! <3<3

i like dick :p

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Anonymous asked: Just started a new job. What's the best way to get a hot coworker to take a hot load?

get her  drunk? feed her drugs? i’ll usually blow a guy who gets me fucked up I don’t want to be rude

8-incher asked: How many loads have you swallowed so far this summer?

oh jesus, a lot



Throat yoghurt

ohhhhhhh yesssss…feed me your sperm!!!


Anonymous asked: Do you like making people cum online? You sound like a fucking great cybersex buddy..

I do enjoy cybering but in the summer I try to keep the cocksucking in rl! Summer doesn’t last forever! :p