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25,000th follower! <3

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When you get hold of a dick like that, never turn it loose!

yes, please! :)

Anonymous asked: My new girl don't like anal sex and don't like cum. But she is really submissive with me. Yesterday i fucked only her asshole and she cry and beg me to stop. I say i stop only if she swallow my cum, and she accept the deal. I cum in her open mouth and she swallow like a good girl. But i want more, i want her lick my cum from the floor after a good anal sex. Do you think if i fuck her ass really hard she accept this? I want make her my anal cum slut, please help

I think this is a better question for your parents

noah-182 asked: Wish you could swallow this load of cum I want to unleash.

aw, me, too! :)



always fuck so much harder when they’re with a friend or two, I guess it’s like a competition to see who can pound me hardest.


Anonymous asked: How old was that kid?

15 :)

Anonymous asked: Would love for you to come give me a nice sloppy blowjob(;

thank you! the messier the better! :)

rad-fan asked: When did you first discover your attraction to cocks and cum? :P

idk, i mean i always kind of was attracted to older guys. i sucked my first dick at 10 (!) this kid from up the street who was sooo nice to me and sooo mean to me. i pretty much spent every day after school in 5th grade doing anything he wanted. i guess then! :)


Keep crying, it’s just gonna make me ram it in harder

if you insist ;)
yum! i love that white cream! thank you! :)

Anonymous asked: I just want to have a whole day of fucking you and cumming all over your face, you get me so horny

Thank you so much! That’s so sweet! xoxo <3 <3

Anonymous asked: Hey, u awake? I'd very much like you to give me some jack off instructions? :-)

i am now :)



yes, please :)

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