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blackbird2534 asked: How can I ask a girl or convince a girl to blow me? Is there anyway that isn't offensive/rude?

Have you tried talking to her?




Such a happy fuckdoll


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I just want a black eye

Like really

Is that too much to ask for?????

aw :)

threestringsattatched asked: I really want to suck my friend's boyfriend's dick. He he always texts me what he wants to do to me, but she is so stuck up. How would you go about it?

are you asking how I’d get permission from her? thats probably a bad idea. i’d just suck him off in a car or whatever. will she be mad about the texts? in my experience girls get really mad when guys text me. so just suck him off in secret! thats what i do! :p

all-kinds-ofsex asked: I'd love to give you the "librarian" and then watch you lick the cum off your glasses

hee! sounds good to me! :)

honey, look at this! pick one ;)

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that cum looks sooo delicious :)
Mmmmmmmm Girl…Let me Growl in your legs…


sexyrock asked: Girl, you're the kind of girl a man falls in love. Such a dedicated slut to do a great blowjob and so dedicated to your man's cum just can be lovely.........

aw, thank you! xo! :)

Anonymous asked: Are you seriously going to live off cum for two months? That'd be really naughty, if you can manage to pull it off

i hope so! EXTREMELY NAUGHTY! :)

Anonymous asked: That's right, you filthy slut, they need to be emptied. Come here and work them with your mouth and I'll reward you by slapping your face and spitting on it once I've poured my load into your mouth.


hornymaverick asked: I love after you suck me off hard and you release my load into the palm of ur hand and watch you lick it all like a good little girl. Every last drop of my warm demon seed!

i love when a guy makes me lick it up. from anywhere :)