I love it. I need it. I'm here.

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yes, sir :)

your cum makes my happy tho

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can i please tho

Anonymous asked: Thanks for making a blog that truly shows good little sluts what to do with a load of cum and a nice thick cock. My wife could never get me off with her mouth, I always had to own her little cunt if I wanted to drain my balls. Now after showering her this, she gets it. Maybe after she's done throating my dick tonight, we can give you a special thank you and have her spit my load in your face.

aw! that’s so sweet! glad i could help! :) xo! 

More gooey cum for my favorite addict ;)
thank you! i’m so fucking hung over right now and i’m so sore from last night but i would give anything to work that cock right now! <3 and that cum looks sooo delicious! <3<3<3<3 Thank you!!!!! :)

metalman1968 asked: We love your blog thanks for sharing

thank you! <3

You. On my cock. I want it. 
Greets from Europe ;)
Thank you! You&#8217;re so sweet! I&#8217;d love to try to choke it down!! :)
For your dirty little face ;)

oh fuck yes! xo! :)

i want your cum on my face foreverrr

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mmm, its like a firehose! :)

Anonymous asked: I think you have a lot of things in common with me :) and I could only imagine how fun it would be to lick a man's cum off your body. So my question is....have you ever shared a cock with someone else?

I have but I am NOT a good sharer! Basically it’s only been with girls who I was trying to hook up with their bfs. :p

iamalwaysverysexual asked: I want to cum in your mouth. ;)

really? thank you!! but if you cum in my face its dirtier, dont u think?? :)

thewilded asked: I had a balcony over the pool at my hotel. Had fun cumming on girls from 4 stories up

ha! that’s so hot! :)

significant-elegance asked: Such a fckin good blog! Only been on urs for like 5 minutes and im already hard as FXCK! You should be here... I'd give you some good, deep, and hard inches ;)

thank you so much! so sweet! :)